Middle school makes mural

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, January 22, 2014
The class of 2018 has already left its mark…quite literally.

Middle school art teacher Shawna Converse and the 8th grade art appreciation class have recently finished a mural at the entrance of the middle school that emphasizes West Liberty's expectations.

"Now anyone who walks in can see what this school is all about," said Middle School Principal Vicki Vernon. She asked Converse and the art students to create the piece last year.

The mural, which portrays two giant hands holding the earth under the words "Respect. Responsibility. Cooperation," has been a work in progress for nearly two months. It boasts the Comets logo right in front of the earth.

Converse came up with a rough sketch of what the final product would like after talking it over with her class. Then they got to work, color by color.

"Part of the idea was that these kids have the world in their hands and education is the key to their success," said Converse.

The wall where the painting was made was originally divided into nine squares. With cardboard on the floor, art students would come out three at a time to work on their respective squares.

One of the hardest parts was drawing all of the words the same, according to 14-year-old Emily Vance, but she's happy to have been a part of the project.

"It was really fun, because we got to be a part of the something that will be here forever," she said.

Another difficult part of the mural was the hands. Eighth grade students Zachary Haskell, Lauren Aird, Joseph Kelly and Mariela Filerio worked extra hard to make them life-like.

Colors were applied one at a time until a final picture was finished by Christmas break. Afterward the class made some touch-ups to the piece, helping it flesh out across the entire wall.

"The kids get really enthused about it," said Converse. "I think it's because everyone sees it."

The mural is hard to miss, right on the inside of the wall after entering the middle school front entrance. It'll stay a beacon of the school's motto in years to come.

However, it may not be the final mural created by middle school students. In fact, a mural has already been completed in the health room that deals with sports. Principal Vernon says that most likely, more paintings are to come in the future.

But for now, the smiling faces and quick chatter of the 8th grade students in front of their painting is enough to show that Comet pride runs colorful and deep.
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