Nichols city council meeting

Toni Wilson · Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The Nichols city council meeting was held Oct. 9. All members were present, with the exception of Carl Gillman, to discuss absent tables and bad checks.

Dr. Gillman has moved out of Nichols. The council has decided to leave the seat vacant, since the election of a new council is being held Nov. 5.

To begin, a Nichols resident asked when 'trick or treating' would be held this year. The council informed that the ghosts and goblins will be out Thursday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 7:30p.m.

Next, the city clerk mentioned that a person reserved the park shelter for Sept. 28. However, when they arrived all the picnic tables had been removed.

It's city policy that with permission the tables may be borrowed, but, there should always be at least two remaining in the shelter.

The Nichols Betterment Committee had moved the picnic tables to the uptown park and was unaware of the policy. The committee said it wouldn’t happen again.

Next, the council discussed several checks that have been returned to the city for insufficient funds.

The council will begin to work on a bad check policy that should help to eliminate this problem.

Finally, the city is still deciding on the best solution for mowing city property.

They have two choices, hiring someone as an employee of the city or put contract mowing into place.

Hiring an employee would include an hourly wage and use the city’s equipment with insurance. In contract mowing, a person would use his/her own equipment, carry their own insurance, and would be paid hourly or per a mowing.

In other news:

-The Fringe Area Agreement was tabled until next month. City Attorney Dan Kresowik apologized for the delay, saying he would have a report ready for the November council meeting.

-The delinquent sewer/garbage accounts were certified and approved to be turned over to the county Auditor.

-Pike Run Services was approved for snow removal. Their rates will be the same as last year.

-The Mayor has contacted Broders Excavating to work on the street drainage problem. There are several areas where water remains after it rains.

The next council meeting will be Nov. 13.
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