The Simpson Memorial Home expands

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The Simpson Memorial Home is nearing the completion of an additional wing to the assisted living residence wing of the home in West Liberty.

Nine apartments, one two-bedroom and eight one-bedrooms, are scheduled to be completed by the end of October and beginning of November. The construction came about as a result of a lack of space.

"We were turning people away who needed assisted living, so we saw that we had a need," said Administrator Shelley Wicks. "It's a work in progress, but it will benefit the community when it's done."

The Simpson Home Board of Directors approved adding more apartments to the assisted living (AL) section in 2012.

The current AL wing only has nine apartments, so the additional wing will result in a total of 18 rooms for AL at the memorial home.

The current wing also has a serve-out kitchen, laundry facilities and a nursing office. The new wing will add a large living room, a spa room and another laundry room, according to Wicks.

However, of the nine new apartments seven have already been claimed.

The project costs totaled $1,524,196; however, the Simpson Home received $424,270 from individual donations, trusts and memorials.

Wicks made it clear that giving opportunities are still available for the wing, in fact, various parts of it such as individual rooms and and the whirlpool area have yet to be named after a donor.

"For a rather large donation the entire complex can be changed from West Liberty Assisted Living Residences to a name from the donor," she added.

With the two wings, the West Liberty AL Residences will be complete, but with 10 acres of empty land to the east of the complex, there's always room for expansion in other areas of the home for the future.

"It'll be really nice to meet the needs of the elderly," said Wicks. "This wing is going to be just what we need."

Shive-Hattery was hired to design the additional wing to be added to the assisted living apartments, while Merit Construction of Cedar Rapids is the general contractor.

The Simpson Memorial Home plans to hold an open house for the public sometime in December.
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